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Source of Title Blog : Ohio Legislation

Ohio House Bill Introduced to Regulate Solicitation of Deeds
by Robert Franco | 2017/03/22

The "Deed Scam" was discussed here on Source of Title more than a decade ago, and it hasn't gone away.  It refers to the official looking letter that warns you that you need a certified copy of your deed and then offers to get it for you... for $70.00, or more.  Considering I can get a certified copy for about $6.00 at the court house, I have always felt that this was nothing but a scam.  And, I'm not alone. 

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Categories: Consumer Advocacy, Crime, Ohio Legislation

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In God We Trust... Everyone Else Gotta Pay by Wire Transfer
by Robert Franco | 2017/03/12

In Ohio, the new Good Funds Law that goes into effect on April 6, 2017, will require any funds over $1,000 be provided by wire transfer for all residential closings.  Cash and cashier's checks for amounts over $1,000 will no longer be accepted.  

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Categories: Escrow/Funding, Ohio Legislation

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A New Curative Statute is Working its Way Through the Ohio Legislature
by Robert Franco | 2016/08/28

Ohio currently has a statute that cures certain defects in recorded instruments when they have been of record for more than 21 years.  Defects that can be cured include improper witnessing and missing or defective acknowledgements.  Senate Bill 257, if it passes, will broaden the application of the statute and shorten the time it takes for the cure to take effect. 

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Categories: Ohio Legislation

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Ohio's H.B. 201 Gets My Vote for Worst Bill of the Year
by Robert Franco | 2014/05/06

Yes, I know it is only May.  There is still a lot of time for our legislature to really do something stupid (and I'm sure they will), but I'm pretty confident that H.B. 201 will take the award for Worst Bill of the Year for 2014.  It seeks to greatly expand and codify equitable subrogation, which I have blogged about before. In 2010, I opined that Equitable Subrogation was an Over-used Remedy for Negligence and I applauded an Ohio Supreme Court decision that limited its applicability.  I was particularly pleased with the Court because more than a year earlier I questioned the lower court decision that applied equitable subrogation to bail out the negligent lender. 

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Categories: Abstractors, Huh?, Land Title Associations, Ohio Legislation, Small Agents, Title Industry

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Is a Conveyance Fee Due on the Conveyance of an Easement in Ohio?
by Robert Franco | 2013/05/24

When a deed is recorded in Ohio, the Auditor's office normally charges a conveyance fee of $4.00 per thousand of the value of the property conveyed.  I was recently told that at least one Ohio County has been charging the conveyance fee at the time easements are recorded.  This has not been the normal practice, to the best of my knowledge, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is not proper.  So, is the conveyance of an easement subject to the conveyance fee?

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Categories: Abstractors, Ohio Legislation, Public Officials, Title Industry

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We Need New Policies or Laws for Computer Indexing
by Robert Franco | 2012/08/14

I had the pleasure of attending the Ohio Association of Independent Title Agent's conference yesterday.  The OAITA is a great organization and they provided some excellent discussion at this year's conference.  One particular speaker gave me an opportunity to ask a question that has been on my mind for quite some time; the speaker was Rick Campbell, President of the Ohio Recorders Association and Stark County Recorder.  I asked him if there was a state-wide policy of noting in the index when corrections were made.

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Categories: Abstractors, Ohio Legislation, Opportunities, Public Officials, Public Records

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Can A Trust Hold Title In Ohio?
by Robert Franco | 2012/02/23

Generally speaking, a trust is not a legal entity and it may not hold title to real property, with a couple of exceptions for specific types of trusts.  Rather, it is the trustee who holds title for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the trust.  For example, the proper grantee on a deed funding a trust with real property is "Jon Smith, Trustee of The Jon Smith Trust."  A deed to "The Jon Smith Trust" is a void ab initio because the trust is a non-entity.  Unfortunately, there are many deeds of record purporting to convey the property to the trust, with no mention of the trustee.  Ohio has recently passed a bill that will allow for such defects to be cured.  

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Categories: Abstractors, Ohio Legislation, Title Problems

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Are Abstractors in Ohio Required to Carry E&O Insurance?
by Robert Franco | 2011/10/18

I received a call this morning from a client asking for our E&O declarations page.  She explained to me that they are renewing their coverage and their insurer was requiring proof of our coverage.  But it is really more than that - Ohio law requires "subcontractors to maintain an errors and omissions policy."  This brings up an interesting question, however.  Because, like many states, Ohio does not require abstractors to be licensed, who is in charge of enforcing this law and how can it be done?

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Categories: Abstractors, E&O Insurance, Ohio Legislation

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Acknowledgments in Ohio
by Robert Franco | 2011/10/14

In late 2001 the Ohio legislature passed a bill which included statutory forms of conveyance that contained a new acknowledgment clause.  Within a few months, prior to the effective date of the former bill, it introduced and passed a new bill making further changes.  There was some language related to the acknowledgments that was proposed, but never passed, that made its way in to subsequently recorded deeds.  Some seem to question the validity of these acknowledgments.  Whether they are valid or not depends on the precise language used, but they may be perfectly fine.

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Categories: Abstractors, Attorneys, Notaries Public, Ohio Legislation, Title Problems

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A Little Known Fact About Dower In Ohio
by Robert Franco | 2011/02/17

This may be of little interest to most of you.  Dower is only recognized by about half a dozen states; Ohio is one of them.  To briefly explain the concept of dower, it is a one-third life estate interest that a spouse has in the real property of the other.  It is for this very important reason that all conveyances of interests in real property include the marital status of the grantor, along with a release of dower by the spouse if the grantor is married.  This is so even if the property is only in the name of the grantor.

There are usually only two ways to extinguish dower, aside from the spouse signing away dower rights by joining in the execution of the grant document by the title-holding spouse.  Those would be divorce and death.  However, there is another little known statute that can extinguish dower - I'm blogging about this today because I have never seen it used and until very recently, I was unaware of it.  By statute in Ohio, adultery can be a bar to dower.

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Categories: Ohio Legislation, Title Industry, Title Problems

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